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Disclaimer: Bubble Huts LLC makes no representation or warranty that these products will provide absolute protection from contact or exposure to contaminants, viruses or blood, or eliminate the risk of contracting diseases of any nature. This tool is to be used in conjunction with the CDC guidelines for home “isolation” and “quarantine”.


Benefits of the door shield:

  • Gives the ability to create any bedroom into an temporary “isolation” room
  • Provides a double protective barrier in the home
  • Decreases the amount of exposure the caretaker will come into direct contact with the virus
  • Creates an environment where both mental and emotional health of the sick family member is also considered, by creating a way in which they can communicate with the others and their pets.
  • If used in conjunction with the CDC guidelines for home “isolation” , using this additional line of protection in a home can lower the chances of spread
  • Temporary Home “Isolation" Door Shield
  • Fits any standard bedroom door
  • Pass through window flap minimizes direct contact

*Double sided zippers for easy access

*Ability to enter and exit the bedroom

* Promotes mental health as well as physical health

*Comfortable and able to be washed *Adjustable Velcro Straps for proper fit *Able to wear PPE underneath

Door Shields: Fits a standard size bedroom door frame

Retail Price $225 (Multiple Unit Discounts Available)

  • 20 mil PVC film – Raw Material - Registered with the California State Fire Marshall
  • Approved FR reports NFPA 701 ASTM E84 Canadian ULC S -109 large scale. FMVS302
  • 2 in wide Velcro strips and small screws to install the Door Shield
  • 4 Emergency exit options making it safe to use in the home with all ages
  • Able to be disinfected and washed
  • Registered United States Patent and Trademark Office
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